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Terms and Policy

Family Roots Practice Policies

No show/cancellation policy: 

Consistency is an important part of you or your child's therapy. We also hold appointment times for you and your family that we cannot offer to other families if an appointment is cancelled at the last minute. For no shows or cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, a late cancel/no show fee of $50 will be charged to your card on file. We may choose to waive the fee at our discretion. Because we understand that sometimes people make mistakes or circumstances are beyond your control, our general guideline is to waive the fee for the first no show/cancellation and for circumstances such as sudden illness and dangerous road conditions. Please note that if frequent cancellations and no shows are interfering with treatment, your therapist may need to terminate treatment or no longer guarantee a certain time slot in order to offer this time to another client. 

Insurance Policy: 

By entering your insurance information, you are giving us permission to bill your insurance and to communicate the personal information with your insurance company necessary for billing purposes. Please note that we must provide a mental health diagnosis in order to bill insurance. Please discuss this with you or your child's therapist if you have concerns about this diagnosis. We believe that, while a diagnosis may be necessary, it is merely a description of symptoms and does not define you or your child.  

We will verify your insurance benefits prior to treatment as a courtesy to you, but please note that you are ultimately responsible for understanding your insurance benefits and you will be responsible for any fees not covered by insurance. 

Credit Card on file: 

We require that all clients save a credit card on file. You will be prompted to enter credit card information when filling out paperwork. By accepting this policy, you are consenting to charge any unpaid balances and cancellation fees as described above to the card on file. 
Most clients prefer to have us bill the co-pay or session rate each week as a courtesy rather than log in to pay an invoice each week. If you prefer to pay each invoice individually, please let us know ( and we will not automatically bill your card each week. Please note that we do not allow clients to carry a balance and your payment will be due each week at the time of session. 

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